Parents Abusing Their Adult Children

Every since I found out I have depression and my Dad passed away.  My Mom been very cold and say things that really hurt me.  She would call me brat, spoiled brat, ungrateful child and treat me like I’m a child. I’ve had her come to therapy with me a few times.  She really thing there is “nothing wrong” is going on.  She been just mean to me.  I love her but maybe I have anger and hurt toward her but she is my mother.  She moved back East a few years ago.  So we are 3,500 miles away.  She talk nasty to me and even thought I may talk nice to her.  I tried to be patience but she can get and say hurtful things.  I’m on disability.  I only make so much a month.  I pay all my bills and when I have to ask her for money she questions me what did I do with my money and what did I spend it on.  She can go on and on about how smoking is bad for me. Well if I wasn’t so stressed out I would quit.  Now I’m focusing on losing weight and seeing a dietician to help me as well as trying to go to the gym and work out.

My Mom have tendencies to walk in bathroom when I’m in the shower and constantly want to know what I’m doing.  I’m not a child and I do tell her that but she doesn’t listen.  Once she touch me inappropriate and now she know if she does that or even think she going to hit me.  I will call the cop.   I tell her not to “test me” cause I will.  Yes I do tend to talk nasty to her and she make me feel so uncomfortable in front of her friends.

When I comment about people being fat.  I say “I would never be that heavy in my life.  My Mom would say “wouldn’t talk you are heavy.  Yes I am but I’m not 300-400 pounds.  I not trying to offend anyone but she make remarks and comment about smoking, eating, weight, etc.  I’m tired of hearing it. She does it like a on and on and on.  I know she want to what’s best for me but this is my life and I have to learn to make my own decisions.  I have to learn from my mistakes.  Like I said I love my mother but I’m getting tired of her verbally, mentally and emotional abusing me