People who have Mental illness

Those who have mental illness and how they get treated.  I was in a Urgent Care a few years ago and they treated this one lady like shit.  She was force to take a shower and the door had a window and people can see her naked.  There was even men techinian too.  I would not like to have men seeing me naked.  I guess that is due to abuse I recieved when I was young.

Another time I was in the ER and I was treated awful like the Dr. did not understand about mental illness.  They don’t respect us and not very nice.   I had one Psychiatrist kept saying  “I’m tired, I told him to go to bed early.  Every time I see him All I hear is “I’m tired.” I got sick of it and switch to another Pyschiatrist.

When I was with an agency Value Option then switch to Magellan.  Some of the case managers  were nasty.  They trying to keep me at their service because I was suicidal and other time they were just overwhelm by how many cases they deal with daily. I think if they cut the loads and have more case managers they thye won’t feel this way.  What do you think?