How I’m feeling today 5-17-14

     I flew to New Jersey on May 5th. My Mom and I  been fighting on and off since I came in.  Lately she is trying to control me and I asked her questions and she get nasty with me.  We were on our way to PA cause my niece is getting marry.  I used my phone notepad and asked her a question “Can her and her sister (my Aunt) sleep in one room and I can sleep in another room.” She  said no.  I got upset and was yelling at her.  She is using me like I’m a caregiver.  She can do things on her own.  My Mom said ” well maybe Christa can go and get me coffee.”  I said “oh no you can do it yourself.”  I feel like I’m her maid. See my Mom have a tendency wanting to control my life who can and can’t be my friends, about money issues, losing weight, quit smoking, eat better.   She love to set me off.  I’m getting tired of this sh@t and at the end of my wit.  Now I’m miserable and want to fly back to AZ when the wedding is over. I don’t think I can change the date.   Lord help me!!!