About Our Mental Health in U.S. A.

     I am suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.  I been in the system since 1993 or 94.  I was first diagnosis with Bipolar by a private Psychiatrist. Then a few years later I went to a mental health clinic called Value Option. They diagnosis me with Anxiety, Borderline Personality and Major Depression.  Later I was diagnosis with PTSD  and I meet the criteria.  I was on so many different medications.  I was going to the hospital because I was do self harming (cutting and overdosing).  I was treat like I was some idiot when I was in the psych ward.  They disrespect you and patients could not do anything but stay in the ward all day and night.  When I was in the Psych ward I was  not allow in my room they locked it and wanted me to attend to the classes.  I had no choice but go with an interpreter.  One time I was in urgent care (mental health) and one woman have not taken a shower and so the men were psych tech and they put a woman in the room and strip her and watch her as she took a shower.  There was a small window on the door and anyone can see her naked.  Isn’t that disrespectful and first I would not have a male in the same room as me. The Doctors and nurses do not fully understand how we feel and treat us like shit.  They should have better education on treating those with mental illness. Especially the ER ones.  I think they should train them in case of emergency talk calm and if the patient is out of control then wait until they calm down.  I had to be watch by guards in the ER and strap down (arms and legs).  I was out of control they gave me Haldol and I was telling the nurse “you idiots it’s not working.”  Finally after a couple of hours it did work.  The point I’m making is that the President and mental health is so stinky that they just blow their money away.  Where I live they have change the name of the company  so many times I lost count.  They used to use EST (electric shock treatment). My friend childhood memories were wipe away from that. They have the right to do it when the patient is not in their right mind?  That seem unfair.  They don’t use that anymore thank God.  I wouldn’t let me even think of doing it on me.  Out of the question.  I had been held at Value Option several times against my will.  They screw up my appointments numerous times.  How can we make the mental health system better.  I think if we let the government, the State and behavioral health work on ways to make it better.  Someone oversee and financially too.  I think most worker are burden with so many clients per case managers.  That the biggest issues. I think having 20-25 clients per case managers would be sufficient then 50-65 clients per case managers Some workers just go in and do their 8 hours jobs and get pay and go home.  The case managers and supervisor should have experience on working with mental ill people and either get an education or be more “nicer”, not so rude, fresh, and nasty with their clients.  That where I think it’s all begin. Hire people who are more compassion or those who have mental illness help others. What can we do to make the Behavioral Health a better company and those who need the help will go to them and ask for help.  I had went to a private one after being with Value Option for several years. I was getting tired of their screw ups.  They were not professional either.  I hope one day they will figure this out and make it better.  Letting those with have guns or buying guns off others.  No wonder there are so many suicide or terrorist in this world. What happen at Columbine, Sandy school.  Even the marathon in Massachusetts.  What could have change?  We have to make this better so those can get the help they need and not be treated like some trash.