How to get rid of pesty neighbors

  I live in a HUD housing apartment.  I have this neighbor I will name her Sherry.  She constantly asking me for things like foils, rides, money, candles, etc.  When she tell me she want to go to her Dad’s house then she want to go to friends or other relative’s home.  I have a 200 Honda CRV and it’s not in great condition.  I told her several time the gas price is high and she is putting wear and tear on my car. I’m driving her all over creation and it’s not fair even if she give me $5.00 for gas.  I’m on limited income and collecting SSDI .like she is and getting tired of her asking me for things.  I have told her and the Judge once ( a court we had) to stop asking me.  I do sometime tend to give in.  She can be very demanding and won’t take “no” for an answer.  The apartment manager will not do a thing and tell me to call the cops.  I’m thinking of get an Order of Protection against her.  No matter how many times I tell her “no” she just keep coming back.  It’s really irritating me and annoyance.   I”m trying very hard to put my foot down and saying “no.” when she want something.  What else can i do?