Journal 7-30-14

       I had gotten a  Order of Protection on July 16th and the next day I had sugar and water by the front door and my car was keyed on both side.  I had to go court because my neighbor, Sheree was harassing me for things like foil, rides, money, cigarette, etc.  She want a ride and does not pay me.  She was lying to the Judge that she had paid me when I took her to her brother’s apartment. She never did. Because the cop was not there that wrote the report about Sheree keyed my car. He dismiss the case without prejudice.  She kept saying I was harassing her by sending her a text “yeah right bitch.” Sheree even brought up the case I took her to court in Feb of this year because she owe me money. She lied to the Judge that I didn’t give her money.  She full of shit.  I did.  I lost the Order of Protection and it’s no longer good.  I hope she won’t bother me anymore.  I’m thinking of doing the appeal and have the cop testify about my car was keyed on both side.  I don’t think it’s will be worth it.  I can’t wait to move to NJ.  get the hell out of this hellhole.