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    Tags: My Day 8-5-14   

    I’m feeling tired and soon it will be my birthday on Friday. No family here (AZ) and they are all spread out back East. How I’m going to celebrate just be me and my cat, Jewel. everyday I’m hoping that I will get a card (with cash in it) so I can go out and celebrate. Maybe go get something for my computer or go out to eat. Red Lobster and Olive Garden are two of my favorite restaurants. I wish i was with my family and we can all celebrate.

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    What about fixing the mental health system in Arizona? 

    4 ways to fix Arizona’s disturbing mental-health care

    My Turn Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:11 PM

    Arizona has disturbing facts when it comes to treating mental illness:

    — Only one in four people with depression receives treatment.

    — Sixteen percent of jail and prison inmates suffer from mental illnesses.

    — Crisis-intervention teams are not obtainable in most cities in Arizona. In fact, they are only available in Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa.

    — There is still a lot of stigma and discrimination directed against people with mental illnesses.

    There are ways to improve mental-health care in Arizona. Here are my four strategies:

    First, integrate mental health and physical health. Encourage primary-care physicians and psychiatrists to work together so mentally ill individuals can receive comprehensive health care.

    Studies have shown that at least 30 percent of patients seen by primary-care physicians suffer from a mental illness.

    Mandate that primary-care physicians be required to take continuing medical-education courses that focus on mental health to renew their medical licenses. This will help people with mental illnesses obtain earlier diagnoses and better treatment.

    Second, jails and prisons have become the largest providers of mental-health care in Arizona. In fact, more mentally ill individuals are housed in jails and prisons than at the Arizona State Hospital.

    Police and courts should focus on violent crimes and dangerous felons and divert non-violent mentally ill offenders into the behavioral-health system where they can receive better treatment. Phoenix and Tucson have implemented jail-diversion programs for individuals with mental illnesses charged with non-violent crimes. A system of mental-health courts in each county should be instituted in order to reduce the number of people with mental illness who are incarcerated.

    Third, increase police awareness and sensitivity training about mental illness.

    Hardly a month goes by in which an apparently violent mentally ill individual is confronted by the police and, at times, the mentally ill individual gets Tasered, shot or killed and/or there is injury to the police officer.

    A great model includes the use of specially trained Crisis Intervention Teams, which has been adopted in Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa but needs to be more widely available. The regional behavioral-health authorities should make it a priority to work with the police departments to establish CIT in their communities.

    Fourth, provide community education about mental illnesses. We still have a long way to go to end the stigma, fear and discrimination against those with a mental illness. The public needs to understand that mental illnesses are no-fault, biologically based brain disorders that should be viewed no differently from cancer or diabetes.

    Recently, mental-health first aid has been instituted in Arizona. It is an evidence-based public-education program that is now being offered in 20 countries. It demystifies mental illness and gives participants the capacity to obtain, process and understand the health information and services needed to make appropriate decisions and seek care.

    If these four strategies were adopted, it would lead to dramatic improvements in Arizona’s mental-health system. Arizona could then become a model for the nation.

    Dr. Max E. Dine is a longtime advocate for improving mental-health care in Arizona.

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    The mental Health failing to help those in need 

    Streamed live on Mar 28, 2014

    The federal government’s approach to mental health has been a chaotic patchwork of antiquated programs and ineffective policies across numerous agencies. Sadly, patients often fall through the cracks and land on the street or in the criminal justice system.

    Join Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA) for a panel discussion of his Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, which seeks to direct resources at the patients and families most in need of psychiatric services. His proposed legislation is wide ranging, addressing bed shortages, the scarcity of proven treatment strategies, and the questionable priorities of America’s leading mental health care agencies.

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    5 Things You Can Do in the Next 5 Minutes to Be Happier in the Next 5 Days
    By Ran Zilca


    Happiness is a lifelong pursuit of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. But while it could take years of persistence to deeply transform your life, there are scientifically-tested strategies that are shown to provide an immediate happiness boost. Such activities provide a modest increase in happiness but it lasts for weeks and months, and when practiced consistently over time, they become happiness habits, energizing you to live your dreams and passions.

    Here are 5 such strategies that you can practice right now, to get a shot of healthy psychological nutrients:

    1. Get up and do some jumping jacks

    Aerobic exercise boosts one’s positive mood. In 2005, Researchers at Chicago State University and the University of Minnesota analyzed 158 different studies that were conducted between 1979 and 2005 [1]. They found that the effect of aerobic exercise was consistently positive, and was especially noticeable when one started an exercise-session while being a little more down than usual. In other words, physical exercise can lift you up when you need it the most. In a more recent study, researchers in Halmstad University in Sweden analyzed 15 different studies and have shown that physical exercise is an effective treatment of mild and moderate depression [2].

    Body and mind are inseparable. A couple of minutes of jumping jacks may go a very long way.

    2. Call a friend or a family member

    Positive social connections are a cornerstone of happiness and health [3]. A conversation with a friend can have a lasting positive effect, increasing your energy, and cultivating motivation. In fact, even simply belonging to a social group or having a minimal personal connection with another person creates lasting and significant drive [4]. If there are people around you right now whom you like and appreciate, walk up to someone and talk with them. If not, pick up the phone and say hi.

    3. Write down three good things you are grateful for

    Many people maintain a journal where they regularly write down the things for which they are grateful. This simple exercise of acknowledging your good fortune by identifying “three good things”, has been shown to provide both an immediate and a lasting effect on happiness [5]. In a study published in 2012, positive psychologists Stephen Schueller and Acacia Parks tested this happiness strategy in an online setting [6] and found that the benefits last as long as six months. A small kick for six months in return for five minutes of writing is a pretty good deal.

    4. Imagine the best-case outcome for the coming months

    Research consistently shows that imagining your “best possible self” makes you significantly more optimistic [7], resulting in a range of positive emotions. When I met with Coach Caroline Miller during Ride of Your Life and asked her about the path to inner peace, she suggested to “pretend” being an optimist when thinking about the future: “The world is a random set of events to pessimists. Optimists, on the other hand, believe they control the things around them. So, in some ways, you have to pretend you’re an optimist.”

    In line with common belief, thinking positively (yet realistically) about the future is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Take a few minutes to imagine and write down the best-case scenario for the coming months and years. You may be surprised to discover how bright this possible future may be.

    5. Set an intention for the day

    One of the most established and validated models of psychological wellness was published by Carol Ryff from the University of Wisconsin nearly 20 years ago [8]. It includes six elements that constitute happiness, of which one’s autonomy is the most prominent one. Setting a daily intention to guide your day puts you in the driver’s seat, where you make conscious decisions rather than react to incoming demands. You may not be able to get your way all the time, but being simply aware of what you intend to accomplish will provide you with a sense of purpose, and with an opportunity to be consistent in the way you interact with the world.

    If you’re here at the end of this post, give it a shot right now – what is your daily intention?

    [1] Reed, J., & Ones, D. S. (2006). The effect of acute aerobic exercise on positive activated affect: A meta-analysis. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 7(5), 477-514.

    [2] Josefsson, T., Lindwall, M. and Archer, T. (2014), Physical exercise intervention in depressive disorders: Meta-analysis and systematic review. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 24: 259–272.

    [3] Cacioppo, J. T. and Cacioppo, S. (2014), Social Relationships and Health: The Toxic Effects of Perceived Social Isolation. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 8: 58–72.

    [4] Walton, G. M., Cohen, G. L., Cwir, D., & Spencer, S. J. (2012). Mere belonging: the power of social connections. Journal of personality and social psychology, 102(3), 513.

    [5] Emmons, R. A., & McCullough, M. E. (2003). Counting blessings versus burdens: an experimental investigation of gratitude and subjective well-being in daily life. Journal of personality and social psychology, 84(2), 377.

    [6] Schueller, S. M., & Parks, A. C. (2012). Disseminating self-help: positive psychology exercises in an online trial. Journal of medical Internet research, 14(3), e63.

    [7] Meevissen, Y., Peters, M. L., & Alberts, H. J. (2011). Become more optimistic by imagining a best possible self: Effects of a two week intervention. Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry, 42(3), 371-378.

    [8] Ryff, C. D. (1995). Psychological well-being in adult life. Current directions in psychological science, 99-104.

    Ran Zilca is a research scientist, author, entrepreneur, and coach. In 2006 Ran founded a company called Signal Patterns (acquired by bLife, Inc) that pioneered the new field of Transformative Technology and the debut of mobile behavioral interventions, working with leading scientists and partners like Sonja Lyubomirsky, Phil Zimbardo, Stephen Covey, and Deepak Chopra. Earlier in his career, before his involvement in psychology and transformation, Ran had lead various R&D projects with organizations like IBM Research and the Israeli military, focused on algorithmic research and data science. Ran has published published numerous scientific papers and patents. He is a senior member (elected) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and a member of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Ran believes that you can turn your life around by following a set of scientifically-validated daily exercises. He developed such a process together with partners in the research community, and followed it in his personal life. The result was a 6,000 miles solo motorcycle ride, a new book, the sale of his company, and a move to a different continent.

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    Journal 7-30-14 

           I had gotten a  Order of Protection on July 16th and the next day I had sugar and water by the front door and my car was keyed on both side.  I had to go court because my neighbor, Sheree was harassing me for things like foil, rides, money, cigarette, etc.  She want a ride and does not pay me.  She was lying to the Judge that she had paid me when I took her to her brother’s apartment. She never did. Because the cop was not there that wrote the report about Sheree keyed my car. He dismiss the case without prejudice.  She kept saying I was harassing her by sending her a text “yeah right bitch.” Sheree even brought up the case I took her to court in Feb of this year because she owe me money. She lied to the Judge that I didn’t give her money.  She full of shit.  I did.  I lost the Order of Protection and it’s no longer good.  I hope she won’t bother me anymore.  I’m thinking of doing the appeal and have the cop testify about my car was keyed on both side.  I don’t think it’s will be worth it.  I can’t wait to move to NJ.  get the hell out of this hellhole. 

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    Journal 8-1-14 

         I had a fun day today.  My friend, Manuel slept over last night.  We took the bus and stop at Fry’s both had to get money orders.  Then hop back on the bus and went to vocational rehabilitation’s office.  I just about to blow up with my VR counselor.  She never call and see how I’m doing.  I have an appointment with her on August 13th.  Then we took the bus back home.  I was tired but I hope to sleep tonight.  Manuel will come over Saturday to help straighten up my apartment and maybe do some packing.  I hoping to hear from HUD housing soon  so I can move back East.

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    How to get rid of pesty neighbors 

      I live in a HUD housing apartment.  I have this neighbor I will name her Sherry.  She constantly asking me for things like foils, rides, money, candles, etc.  When she tell me she want to go to her Dad’s house then she want to go to friends or other relative’s home.  I have a 200 Honda CRV and it’s not in great condition.  I told her several time the gas price is high and she is putting wear and tear on my car. I’m driving her all over creation and it’s not fair even if she give me $5.00 for gas.  I’m on limited income and collecting SSDI .like she is and getting tired of her asking me for things.  I have told her and the Judge once ( a court we had) to stop asking me.  I do sometime tend to give in.  She can be very demanding and won’t take “no” for an answer.  The apartment manager will not do a thing and tell me to call the cops.  I’m thinking of get an Order of Protection against her.  No matter how many times I tell her “no” she just keep coming back.  It’s really irritating me and annoyance.   I”m trying very hard to put my foot down and saying “no.” when she want something.  What else can i do?  

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    About Our Mental Health in U.S. A. 

         I am suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.  I been in the system since 1993 or 94.  I was first diagnosis with Bipolar by a private Psychiatrist. Then a few years later I went to a mental health clinic called Value Option. They diagnosis me with Anxiety, Borderline Personality and Major Depression.  Later I was diagnosis with PTSD  and I meet the criteria.  I was on so many different medications.  I was going to the hospital because I was do self harming (cutting and overdosing).  I was treat like I was some idiot when I was in the psych ward.  They disrespect you and patients could not do anything but stay in the ward all day and night.  When I was in the Psych ward I was  not allow in my room they locked it and wanted me to attend to the classes.  I had no choice but go with an interpreter.  One time I was in urgent care (mental health) and one woman have not taken a shower and so the men were psych tech and they put a woman in the room and strip her and watch her as she took a shower.  There was a small window on the door and anyone can see her naked.  Isn’t that disrespectful and first I would not have a male in the same room as me. The Doctors and nurses do not fully understand how we feel and treat us like shit.  They should have better education on treating those with mental illness. Especially the ER ones.  I think they should train them in case of emergency talk calm and if the patient is out of control then wait until they calm down.  I had to be watch by guards in the ER and strap down (arms and legs).  I was out of control they gave me Haldol and I was telling the nurse “you idiots it’s not working.”  Finally after a couple of hours it did work.  The point I’m making is that the President and mental health is so stinky that they just blow their money away.  Where I live they have change the name of the company  so many times I lost count.  They used to use EST (electric shock treatment). My friend childhood memories were wipe away from that. They have the right to do it when the patient is not in their right mind?  That seem unfair.  They don’t use that anymore thank God.  I wouldn’t let me even think of doing it on me.  Out of the question.  I had been held at Value Option several times against my will.  They screw up my appointments numerous times.  How can we make the mental health system better.  I think if we let the government, the State and behavioral health work on ways to make it better.  Someone oversee and financially too.  I think most worker are burden with so many clients per case managers.  That the biggest issues. I think having 20-25 clients per case managers would be sufficient then 50-65 clients per case managers Some workers just go in and do their 8 hours jobs and get pay and go home.  The case managers and supervisor should have experience on working with mental ill people and either get an education or be more “nicer”, not so rude, fresh, and nasty with their clients.  That where I think it’s all begin. Hire people who are more compassion or those who have mental illness help others. What can we do to make the Behavioral Health a better company and those who need the help will go to them and ask for help.  I had went to a private one after being with Value Option for several years. I was getting tired of their screw ups.  They were not professional either.  I hope one day they will figure this out and make it better.  Letting those with have guns or buying guns off others.  No wonder there are so many suicide or terrorist in this world. What happen at Columbine, Sandy school.  Even the marathon in Massachusetts.  What could have change?  We have to make this better so those can get the help they need and not be treated like some trash. 

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    My day 6-9-14 

         I went to a Gastroenterologist Dr. today.  She is a female Dr.  I was abuse when I was young and don’t like anyone touching me below the waist.  At first I thought they were putting a microscope down my throat.  I found out this morning I was going to have a rectal exam. I really got  upset, nervous and anxious. I went out to a few stores to try to distract myself  which by the way is the DBT skills.  I had taking two Clonzepam to help calm my nerves.  I went and the Dr. and I talked.  She told me I didn’t have to have the exam.  I told her I was there and to do it.  She did and it’s wasn’t so bad.  I was having suicidal thoughts on and off.  I did my Dialectical Behavior therapy. Some of the skills.  I listen to music on my Nook while I was waiting to be call. I was crying but no tantrum. She did that exam and  it’s wasn’t so bad. I was having suicidal thoughts on and off. But I managed to ignore them and just keep busy for a while until they subside.  I think I did pretty good today.

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    How I’m feeling today 5-17-14 

         I flew to New Jersey on May 5th. My Mom and I  been fighting on and off since I came in.  Lately she is trying to control me and I asked her questions and she get nasty with me.  We were on our way to PA cause my niece is getting marry.  I used my phone notepad and asked her a question “Can her and her sister (my Aunt) sleep in one room and I can sleep in another room.” She  said no.  I got upset and was yelling at her.  She is using me like I’m a caregiver.  She can do things on her own.  My Mom said ” well maybe Christa can go and get me coffee.”  I said “oh no you can do it yourself.”  I feel like I’m her maid. See my Mom have a tendency wanting to control my life who can and can’t be my friends, about money issues, losing weight, quit smoking, eat better.   She love to set me off.  I’m getting tired of this sh@t and at the end of my wit.  Now I’m miserable and want to fly back to AZ when the wedding is over. I don’t think I can change the date.   Lord help me!!!

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      We had gotten better after the first or second week my Mom and I. Today 5-27-14 I’m flying home and I’m feeling sad that I have to leave. We went to the boardwalk one last time before I went home and a lot of people on the beach. Since it was the Memorial weekend.

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